Cosmetic Dentistry

Great teeth can change your life!
Knowing we look good can make a huge difference to our self-confidence. It can put a real spring in our step, and make us feel as if we could take on the world.

Our teeth can play a huge part in the way we look and feel – if we know our smile looks good we are more likely to show it off, which makes us feel better and makes other people react more positively towards us. The feeling of confidence can have far-reaching effects on your life. It can spur you on to do things you may not otherwise have considered, from making new friends to taking up new interests.

Reshaping Teeth (shortening, lengthening, closing gaps, gum contouring)

There is a wide range of treatments that can make a huge difference to your smile, but perhaps the most dramatic change comes from veneers. Veneers are simply a very thin outer cover, made of extremely realistic, tooth-coloured porcelain which is bonded to the front of your teeth. They are usually used on front teeth, often to hide discolouration or to even up the appearance of teeth which have gaps, chips, or are misshapen.

Having veneers fitted will usually take just a couple of visits, and once in place they are virtually undetectable. They make your teeth look healthy, strong and attractive and, if you look after them well, should last for years.

Caries / Decay & White Fillings

We can remove silver (amalgam) fillings and replace them with white, tooth coloured fillings. Call us today to book a White Filling consultation!

Fluorosis (White Marks) and Stains

We can remove fluorosis (white marks on teeth) and stains by covering them with white, tooth coloured composite fillings.


Online Leaflets

If you want general information on a condition or treatment, go to the British Dental Health Foundation’s web site where they have over 40 online leaflets.

Online Resource

Want to find out about dental treatment? Want to know how to look after your teeth better? Visit the new BDA Smile web site.